Why Rent an Electric Car?

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There are 12 years left until the transition from internal combustion (petrol engines) to electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe, where the registration of petrol cars will cease in favor of sustainable and greener mobility, aligning with the goals outlined in the Agenda 2030.

The transition has reached a turning point in recent years, shifting from theory to reality. However, the sudden change in perspective may have left some feeling uncertain, questioning the premature switch to EVs. It's understandable to have doubts about something not well understood. Even though Italy is seeing an increase in charging stations, and companies are making efforts to improve the performance of electric cars, some may need a practical experience to become familiar with this new reality.

If buying an electric car seems like too big of a step, why not consider renting one to get a feel for it? Car rental allows for a comprehensive test of EVs without the commitment of a purchase.

Renting an electric car allows us to experience the transition to EVs without encountering some of the challenges associated with buying one, such as vehicle depreciation, difficulty selling used cars, and keeping up with technological updates. It becomes a more versatile and accessible mobility solution.

With car rentals, you can switch models more frequently, trying out different driving styles and attitudes of various vehicles. Through specific agreements, you can choose the most suitable rental period for the car.

Typically, a rental contract already includes protections for the driver, such as registration, insurance, routine and extraordinary maintenance, inspection, 24/7 roadside assistance, and some are even incorporating road tax and tire replacement.

While there are general benefits in terms of assistance and expenses, there are also customizable plans. Edilfar Rent is a leader in the car rental sector, particularly in electric car rentals, and offers a wide range of vehicles for every comfort and travel need. Visit one of our branches in Rome, Milan, and Modena to discuss your needs and find a rental contract tailored to your requirements and preferences.