Monthly and multi-monthly promo

In these months of returning from holidays, give yourself a gift! Rental has never been so, easy and immediate!

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Promo 7 days

Choose Edilfar Rent for a worry-free week. With this promotion, you'l have zero deductibles on theft/damage and unlimited kilometers for a worry-free vacation.

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Promo 5 days

If 4 days aren't enough for you, here's the 5-Day Promo. With unlimited kilometers and zero deductibles on theft/damage, you'll only need to worry about choosing the model you prefer.

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Promo 4 days

For an extended weekend, Edilfar Rent offers you the 4-Day Promo: unlimited mileage and coverage with zero deductibles!

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Promo Weekend

Head out for the weekend with Edilfar Rent! With the weekend promo, mileage is unlimited, starting from €25 per day.

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