The advantages of electric cars in Rome

Earth Day is approaching, the day when the environment and the protection of the planet are celebrated. At Edilfar Rent, we promote sustainable mobility by giving you the opportunity to benefit from a green fleet.

We take this opportunity to talk to you about the advantages of electric cars.

The advantages of electric cars in Rome:

  • You can visit the historic center without giving up the convenience of a car.
  • In the Capital, owners of an electric car can take advantage of free parking and access in Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL).
  • Electric cars can access Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) freely and for free and do not pay for parking on blue lines.

You may be wondering how? Simply enter the vehicle's license plate online to allow traffic wardens to verify during checks.

Additionally, there is now a network of charging stations for electric cars in Rome. Lately, the Ministry of the Environment has mapped the charging stations present in Italy. Choosing an electric car represents an investment in the environment and entails significant practical and economic advantages.

Choose an Edilfar Rent car! Come into the "sweet life" of Rome!