Sacred monsters and papal intrigues in a single charge: electric itinerary from Rome to the Tuscia Viterbese

If we think of Lazio, it is inevitable to think of the splendor of Rome, the wonders it has to offer, its density, and its greatness. However, the Lazio region is not just the Urbe, and around the metropolis, there are many small villages and areas that catapult us into a rustic and rural world that will make us feel hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ideal for a day trip to be enjoyed with our promotions. Less than an hour from Rome, you can enjoy myths, stories, and legends that will lull you between good food and beautiful walks.

Near the city of the Popes, there is an unusual and characteristic village like Vitorchiano; surrounded by its walls, you will find yourself in a tangle of stairs and arches that give the village an intimate and distant appearance from the world, nestled among the Monti Cimini. But perhaps outside the walls, you noticed something familiar but strange, right? No, you're not mistaken: In Vitorchiano, one of the few original Moai you can find outside Easter Island is preserved.
So, in the world, if you want to see a Moai and can't go to Chile, you definitely have to pass through Vitorchiano.

It was built in 1990 after delegates from the homonymous tribe were invited by the RAI program "Alla Ricerca dell'Arca" to try out piperino as a material to counteract the deterioration of the giant figures planted on their island. The experiment was successful, and the "test" Moai was erected with an official ceremony broadcast by the program of the same name.

Moai is a fascinating sculpture about which very little is really known, a bit like the nearby Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo.
Commissioned by the Lord of Bomarzo, Vicino Orsini, in the 16th century, some attribute it to a pledge of love for his wife, some to a grotesque summary of Italian literature, and some to an alchemical path hiding who knows what secrets. In 1948, the complex was also visited by
Salvador Dalí, who was impressed and amazed by the magnificence and uniqueness of the works. Among screaming monsters, sphinxes, and leaning houses, it's a truly unmissable forest.

And to end the day, you arrive in Viterbo. The city, which in the 13th century also became a papal seat, was the scene of an event still visible today by peeking through the roofs of the current Palazzo dei Papi: the longest conclave in history took place there, the period during which the new Pope must be elected after the departure of the last one. The saying was coined right there because in the 13th century, upon the death of Clement IV, the choice lasted for a whopping 1,006 days, and the people, exasperated at having to support the undecided prelates (and sometimes influenced by political powers) with their taxes, decided to lock the consecrated ones in the palace with a key (cum clave = conclave), rationing their food and removing the roof of the palace until a common choice was reached.

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