Driving towards Bleisure: Exploring the Perfect Blend of Work and Leisure with Car Rental

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The term "Bleisure" is a neologism that combines the words "business" and "leisure". It refers to a type of travel that includes both business and leisure elements. In other words, it is when a traveler, who is in a place for business purposes, extends his stay to include leisure or tourist activities.

"Bleisure" car rental refers to the car rental service that is targeted at this specific type of travelers. People who travel to these cities for business may decide to rent a car not only for business purposes, such as transporting themselves between meetings or appointments, but also to explore the city or the surrounding region during their free time.

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This type of car rental service includes options such as special rates for those who rent for a mixed period of work and leisure, packages that combine car rental with other activities or tourist services, and special offers to extend the rental beyond the initial duration of the business trip to allow travelers to explore the destination in more depth.

Take advantage of a meeting in Rome to visit it with your family or after a fair in Milan organise a  tour of Como Lake.

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